Osteopathy Treatment Derby

At About Backs & Bones we pride ourselves on taking your pain seriously. You will benefit from our honest opinion about your problem and how we plan to remedy it – keeping treatments to a minimum. As well as osteopaths and physiotherapists, we have on hand a wide range of allied therapists to meet your needs. This team approach provides a wide range of expertise all under one roof, with only one initial consultation. All our services are offered at our modern clinic –easy to find on the A6 in Allestree, Derby which keeps it simple and saves you wasted time.

Who Do We Treat?

The osteopaths and physiotherapists based in our Derby muscle and joint clinic assess, diagnose and treat conditions such as:

  • General aches and pains including rheumatic pain and fibromyalgia
  • Neck pain (if arising from an accident- seek medical help initially) including headaches and migraines
  • Shoulder and arm pain including frozen shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow arising from muscles and joints of the back and neck
  • Back pain; acute (if arising from an accident- seek medical help initially)and chronic eg lumbago
  • Hip and knee pain including from osteoarthritis as an adjunct to standard OA treatments and exercise
  • Nerve pain eg in legs pain such as sciatica, or trigeminal neuralgia
  • Sports injuries, muscle spasms, cramp,
  • Postural problems
  • Age related pain eg arthritis, circulatory problems and and we supply recommended exercises to improve balance
  • All of the above also whilst pregnant  as well as joint pain such as SPD, pelvic pain,
  • Babies through to adults: inability to relax and digestion problems
  • Children’s pain

If there is joint pain, bone pain, muscle or ligament pain or pain in your body
which you are unsure about but you think may be musculo-skeletal, then come for
an assessment session where we can form a diagnosis, treat you with a variety of techniques and show you exercises to help you get better as quickly as possible.

This initial screening highlights any health issues which may be treated more
appropriately with another practitioner –eg a Doctor or one of our Therapists
eg Sports Massage or Holistic Massage Therapist – saving you both time and
money and enabling your problem to resolve more quickly.

If we think you need to see your doctor or a specialist, or need a scan or x-ray,
we will tell you so you can gain treatment quickly.


Our experience

Collectively,as well as our professional registrations, our medical experience in nursing,midwifery, McTimoney technique, occupational and mental health, chiropody,lower limb biomechanics and health screening ensures a high standard of care; far above that required by our professional regulators. It also means we can
treat a wide variety of people – from babies and children right through to
older adults.

So whether your injury is related to your occupation, your sport or simply your
age, we can help you!

We continue to keep ourselves up to date with further training eg Chloe, our physiotherapist is training to teach Pilates, Paula has done post-graduate training to enhance the treatments she provides for pregnant women and babies and Andy has built on his background in treating sports injuries so he can now prescribe orthotics which can affect sports performance as well as cause pain elsewhere in the body. Evelyn is now trained in Hydrotherm massage,Ewa has started training in Chiropractic, Amie is doing NVQ3 and Paul has recently completed further study –watch this space!

Treating You

We treat you not just your pain. This means working holistically to discover the
cause of your pain – not just treating the bit that hurts. Then we help you
manage your pain at home; setting you exercises to reduce the amount of
treatments that you will need. We aim to get you back to living the life that
you want to lead, as soon as possible-then we help you to stay there.

Talk to us

We are a friendly bunch of people! And we will tell you honestly if we feel we can