About Physical Work

We all know we need to look after our back, but what about the rest of you?

People in physical work suffer not only with back pain but also:

  • Neck/shoulder pain from muscle strains, joint restrictions or prolapsed discs
  • Rotator cuff tears or joint dislocations in shoulders
  • Other muscle tears eg biceps, ‘pecs’, hamstrings

Plus a host of other injuries more suitable to the A&E dept rather than our clinic!

We understand the need to return to work quickly and have minimal time off and this needs to be balanced against the risk of further damage, or at least delayed healing.

At About Backs & Bones we can treat you at short notice, have convenient early morning and late evening appointments and we know our boundaries, so we will refer you on if you need more medical help.

This enables you to have an early assessment, early treatment and avoids delays in other medical or surgical attention, should you need it.

We also pride ourselves in helping you avoid further injury so you can work as comfortably as possible for as long as you choose to, rather than having to change your job because of injuries.

It’s a team approach –we patch you up, identify other causes which may have contributed to your-injury and give you the tools to manage yourself –but we are on-hand should you need us again or wish on-going maintenance treatment.



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