Introducing Dr Ella Woods; Clinical Child Psychologist

We are sadly familiar with the stresses our young people face and after many requests for help, we welcome Ella to our team.

Ella is able to offer high quality, evidenced based psychological assessment and interventions to children, teenagers and their families/carers. Ella works integratively with several approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory, Systemic Family Therapy and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Ella is able to work with a number of presentations included (but not limited to) anxiety, low mood, behavioural challenges, phobias, developmental disorders and low self-esteem/confidence.

Our Holistic Childbirth Care

Did you know we care for pregnant women from 16 weeks, following through to post-natal and baby care?

Paula is our dedicated osteopath for pregnancy having done extensive antenatal, post-natal and paediatric training and being an ex- midwife.

If you have ‘minor disorders of pregnancy’…(which was a description by someone who didn’t suffer!), are simply uncomfortable or are approaching your due date, then email direct to and we can discuss if we can help.

Babies often benefit from osteopathy … the birth affects them too; especially if it was a difficult one. Paula is recommended by midwives, breastfeeding counsellors, doulas,  NCT practitioners, pregnancy yoga teachers…and most importantly: other parents.


Tis the season for…Acupuncture!


Never before have we had such a global challenge to our physical and mental wellbeing: Many of us are deconditioning with limited activities available to us to keep fit and the psychological stress of boredom/pressure at work, loneliness or financial worries can get to even the most stoical of us.


Acupuncture is an age-old technique used extensively to balance the body and promotes a holistic treatment to support your wellbeing.

Call today on 01332 553332 to ask for a consultation and treatment with Paul or Helen




Open in a limited fashion that is…
Our Osteopaths and Physiotherapist are medically trained and therefore can continue to practice within the COVID safety measures, which we rigorously enforce.
Unfortunately our other extremely capable therapists are awaiting further clarification but in these restricted times, are unlikely to be able to practice in the near furure..
Our counsellors are busy: they are also able to practice face-to-face when needed, although some choose to focus on telephone counselling or Zoom.
Please call with any questions and we will do our best to help you.
Stay Safe …still is the message…

Babies Benefit too!!

I referred my niece to see Paula after she was born because she was struggling to feed. my sister was thrilled with her improvement as her feeding issues were resolved. Seven years later I visited Paula with my own daughter for a general check and once over. Little did I know that she had a mild issue with her eye socket, one treatment later, and she was loads better. I have recommended Paula to another friend who’s daughter had feeding issues and once again Paula helped immensely. Paula is my go to baby treatment guru. I couldn’t recommend her enough, even if you think all is okay it’s worth getting these little humans checked just to make sure.

Chloe Evans (Nottingham)

We are Healthcare with PPE and so are open as usual…

Following the government ruling of another lockdown from 5th Nov – 2nd Dec, we would like to reassure you that if you need treatment we are still here for you. 

As we are in PPE and have our regulator guidelines on cleaning and minimising risk, we are able to remain open.

We understand if you feel more comfortable cancelling or changing your appointment until December and we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate everyone.

Please give us at least 24 hours notice if possible so we can offer appointments to patients on our waiting list.

Similarly, please be understanding if we need to cancel your appointment because we are self-isolating for any reason.

Thank you.. and please take care and keep you spirits up in this challenging time.

What are we doing to keep you and our staff safe?


We need to do a Triage screening first but we are open in-line with Public Health England advice.

See our COVID-19 policy under FAQs

If you need treatment please call 01332 553332 or email


Many Thanks



COVID-19 Infection control measures

About Backs & Bones always views cleanliness as an essential aspect of our work but in addition we have introduced the following COVID-19 measures:

First telephone call we have discussed:

  • A COVID-19 screening questionnaire to minimise infected people entering the clinic
  • A request that patients attending the clinic wear a facemask
  • An explanation of the PPE we will be wearing ie: Approved facemask, apron and gloves as a minimum (which will be reviewed in line with Public Heath England advice)

In addition, we are up-scaling our cleaning regime by:

  • Cleaning/aerating the room inbetween each patient including couch (top and underside), all hard surfaces and mopping of the floor and wiping door handles and any other surface the patient has been in contact with.
  • At the end of each day, cleaning the reception areas as well as the clinic treatment room

We have also removed linen, books, models and generally de-cluttered the clinic for ease of cleaning and to minimalise the spread of infection.

Other measures include:

  • Spacing and staggering clinic appointments to avoid cross-over of patients and practitioners in a small space
  • Introduction of floor stickers as a reminder to socially distance
  • Use of contactless payments
  • Handsan for use on entry to clinic

Staff are also taking extra precautions by:

  • Staying at home if they or household members feel unwell
  • Minimising infection risks on their commute to work
  • Minimising contact with other practitioners
  • Donning/doffing PPE as per protocol
  • Reception duties will be conducted from Rm 2

Walking through Storms…

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high…

We’re certainly in a bit of a storm..enough to bow your head and let your shoulders droop…certainly for those whose loved ones are unwell or whose livelihoods are threatened.

For others, the stress of socially distancing at work or the isolation of WFH has its own pressures..not to mention those who are also trying to occupy and home school their children!

We all know there’s a curious link between our emotional state and our posture; not surprising considering given that communication is 98% non-verbal (we are still animals really!) …but did you know that altering your posture can affect your mental state?!

On your daily trot out…-challenge yourself:  if you are feeling a little weary or stiff around your neck and shoulders; try imagining you are a catwalk model – not the high-struttingsort..but someone who oozes self-assurance, taking command of her audience and her life. Try tilting your pelvis so your tailbone is tucked under, this makes you engage your abdominals and if you were leaning forward with your nose showing you the can now find it easier to straighten up! If you look up instead of at the floor, suddenly you are 2 inches taller..sorry..5cm…you’re halfway there!

Now all you have to do is keep a gentle contraction in thoselower abs (tranverse abdominus if you want to look it up!); they’re the ones at the root of your future cat-walk career.. and RELAX everything else; your shoulders (let your arms swing), hips (loose, leggy walk with a bit of a swagger) and that’s it!! You might get committed to the nearest mental health unit..but you will fell amazing!

Not only will you have grown, you will look GREAT! You will look slimmer, you will be moving freely instead of laboured -which is liberating- it takes years off you! You will have far less muscular strain on your body, less pain and stiffness and less muscular effort means more available energy!

Just remember those secret abs…you’d let them go already hadn’t you..!