Complementary Therapies

About Backs & Bones has long realised the benefits of many complementary therapies and has referred people for alternative treatment if that is more appropriate for them. Similarly, a shared treatment plan which may utilise more than one therapy, is sometimes offered. We are now pleased to have our own approved, qualified practitioners under the same roof, making it easy for you to choose treatments which suit you best. Your details are taken at your first appointment, then each practitioner just needs to ask details specific to their specialty, saving you the time and hassle of replicating information and giving you the convenience of coming just to one familiar, accessible location.

Massage has long been recognised as therapeutic on a physical level to relax muscles, promote good blood flow (which nourishes tissues and removes waste products to improve their function), and remove tight ‘knots’ which can cause pain. Psychologically, it induces a feeling of wellbeing and as the muscles and nervous system relaxes, so do you!
About Backs & Bones has a choice of massage to suit everyone;

Sports Massage: A deep massage; good for problem areas which are causing discomfort, this is not a relaxing massage but will help you function better, whether it be at work or in sports. We work with you to be effective, yet respecting any levels of discomfort – you will leave feeling looser and freer and several years younger!

Swedish Massage:  This is the original massage technique which is not as deep as Sports Massage yet effective in increasing blood flow to muscles and can be both relaxing and energising. Medical benefits also include detoxification and improved health of skin and muscle

Lymph Drainage Massage: A very light, gentle and systematic massage aimed at improving lymphatic circulation and ridding the body of excess tissue fluid. Good for helping to reduce swelling done on a regular basis.

Indian Head Massage: This is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. It consists of a kneading and compression over the scalp. neck and shoulders which helps reduce stress and tension, especially related to headaches.

Reflexology: Reflexology is an adaptation of an ancient healing method using Foot Massage, dating back to Egyptian times and is used to align energetic and physical balance. It promotes the body’s own healing ability through the gentle application of pressure on specific points on the feet or hands. Experience has shown that startling results can be achieved and people have found releif from a multitude of conditions.

Reflexology during Pregnancy: Many expectant mothers use reflexology to gain relief from many of the disorders of pregnancy and during labour. Indeed, many NHS midwives are trained in the techniques, such is it’s reputation.

Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi Candles): The warmth and vibration from ear candles provide a non-invasive treatment which helps soften and break up excess ear wax or mucus and also helps to equalise pressure in the sinuses.

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