Many of us benefit from some increased self-awareness at times in our life which helps us view situations from other perspectives. Counselling is a great way to achieve this. Paul, Anne, Amy & Ella are not just friendly, approachable people but are good listeners, qualified to help you to develop skills to help yourself. For an appointment, call direct on the numbers below and you will be glad you made this first move.

Paul Gould: 07816 749312 or email                                                               For more information see

Anne Murphy: 07999 577620

Amy Needham: 07968 391463

For young people: Child Psychologist Ella Woods 07807 922465


What the counsellors say…

… Are you looking for someone that can offer you counselling and support in a safe place, where we can work together and give you the opportunity to speak freely without fear of what others might think? When someone looks for a counsellor it is often because there is something happening in their life they want to explore, find different ways of dealing with, or to enable them to make changes to improve their lives.

The aim of counselling is to allow you the opportunity to explore your feelings in a setting that is safe, non-judgemental and confidential, working together towards re-discovering ways to enhance your life.

Listening is a fundamental part of counselling and psychotherapy, and our counsellors will actively listen, giving feedback from time to time, guiding you to explore the problem you bring, allowing you to come to a new understanding of what is happening to you and why. There will be no rush, you can go at your own pace.

Most of us carry things from the past that stop us being the person we were meant to be today; life can be tough and can feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with on your own.

I would feel privileged to assist you on your journey to find the real you.

What Issues are covered in Counselling?

People often seek counselling for problems such as major life changes, low mood or feelings of loneliness or there may be things from the past which are causing distress. Other people simply feel they would like to grow as a person and develop their emotional maturity or perhaps explore their spirtuality.

There are as many issues as there are individual people, but some examples which particularly feature in counselling are:

·         Abuse

·         Addiction(s)

·         Affairs and Betrayals

·         Alcoholism

·         Anxiety

·         Bereavement

·         Bullying

·         Career Counselling

·         Debt Management

·         Depression

·         Domestic Violence

·         Emotional Abuse

·         Family Issues eg new parenthood, empty nest syndrome

·         Generalised Anxiety

·         Low Self-Confidence

·         Low Self-Esteem

·         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

·         Physical Abuse

·         Pre-nuptial Counselling

·         Relationship Issues

·         Self Harm

·         Separation and Divorce

·         Sexual Issues

·         Sexuality

·         Spirituality

·         Stress

·         Trauma

·         Work Related Issues


How are these issues resolved?

There are a number of techniques used which are added to through continued professional development. Person-Centred Counselling is one of our more practiced techniques and is effective for many people. (The clinical psychologist uses a range of other techniques).


About the details

Sessions are held at About Backs & Bones Complementary Health Clinic which is easy to find on the main A6 in Allestree (see directions in main website).

Sessions last 1 hour and are offered once a week initially and can be short or long term.

Daytime and evening appointments are available Monday – Friday and weekend appointments can sometimes be arranged in some circumstances.


Session Costs

Reduced fees can be arranged for students requiring counselling as part of their ongoing training requirements (supervision) and concessions may be available for individuals on low income or benefits.

In the initial session we can meet; you can see if I am the right counsellor for you and I can assess your needs and ensure I can help you. You can have an experience of the counselling I offer and decide if you would like to continue. Please call the individual practitioner for costs.

Please call if you are troubled by any issues which you want to help resolve. A chat will help determine if you would like to book the first treatment and then you can decide if you would like to continue.

You have nothing to lose…and everything to gain…




To book a consultation please call us on: 01332 553 332 or contact us here