Getting Older

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Getting Older

You don’t always feel yourself getting older, but gradually those nagging, irritating pains become bothersome and you’ve been told “It’s just your age – what can you expect?”

We don’t accept that – and neither should you, at least not until you’ve been through a detailed case history and thorough assessment. Then we will have a realistic idea of the cause of your pain instead of relying on the common explanation of ‘wear and tear’. Granted, after the age of 25 degeneration does start to set in (yes, it’s really that early!), but with straightforward, gentle treatment we can balance and take some pressure off your joints which helps prevent further problems. Some older people get a huge relief from pain, others find that it reduces to a manageable level and they are delighted to find they are able to resume activities they thought were lost to them.

Occasionally the consultation may highlight other health issues causing or contributing to your pain. If this is the case, you may not respond to treatment as well as usual. It is then appropriate to refer or co-manage with your GP where we can work together for your pain relief.

Some people come to see us, not because they are in pain but simply because they want to optimise their health. We increase the mobility of your joints and optimise muscle function and can help minimise falls –a major cause of ill-health in the UK.

The techniques we use are gentle and effective and are carried out with your approval. If you prefer one type of treatment over another, let us know and we will accommodate your wishes as much as we can whilst making a difference.

We’re easy to find – on the main A6 as it runs through Allestree. There is parking immediately outside and we are also on a bus route.

If you want to stay healthy and mobile, try the following simple tips – it’s never too late to start!

Keep active

Exercise daily. It’s what our bodies are designed to do –but it doesn’t necessarily mean donning lycra gym-wear and building up a sweat! For the sedentary worker it’s as easy as fidgeting and frequent mini breaks. Just walking around, stretching and making the most of lunchtime for a brisk stroll outside –doing wonders for energy levels and moral.

In retirement it’s about having a daily routine which includes a 30 minute walk, cycle or gym/class activity or take up dancing! Whatever appeals – as long as it’s legal – just get out and do it!

Eat healthily

We are what we eat and healthy food = healthy body in most cases. Foods particularly good for joints include oily fish, or for the vegetarian alternative look for omega 3 & 6 in flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, tofu and olive oil (The Vegetarian Society).Supplements of MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as good multivitamin/mineral high in vitamin C can also be useful (The Good Nutrition Bible, Patrick Holford).

Watch your posture

Get a friend to video how you stand and walk – but don’t be upset if you’re not the cat-walk model you thought you were! We recognise each other at a distance by our stance and gait so if you want to be identified positively, start to stand and sit in a relaxed but upright posture, with your weight centrally balanced –minimising the stress on your body. Emotions and stress are demonstrated in our body so if you want to address outstanding issues –come and chat with our counsellors and rid yourself of that weight on your shoulders… then treat yourself and finish off with a stress-busting massage!

Rest when you feel tired

Listen to your body –and be truthful! If you genuinely need the rest, then that’s fine – there are no prizes for being a martyr and you may pay for it later. You are also more likely to have an accident if you are tired. On the other hand if you feel unusually fatigued, maybe now is the time to see your GP. Many disease processes cause fatigue and are often easily treated.


When it all gets too much

Our bodies usually serve us well over decades, despite being taken for granted. But they’re not bright shiny and spanking new anymore and may need a bit more Tender Loving Care than some of the carefree days of our earlier lives.

Maintain and improve joint movements by regular trips to us –you friendly osteopaths, physio and massage therapists! We’re well trained to safely treat your joints, adapting techniques, where necessary to suit you. Specific and general exercises tailor-made for you will be important in keeping freedom of movement particularly if other health issues limit the activity you are able to take. Work with us and we will find solutions to help keep you fit and well, optimising your immune system and minimising stiffness.

If pain is still a problem…consider Traditional Acupuncture with Paul… or Classical Kinesiology with Diane…it’s good not to be constrained by Western Medicine and the Eastern philosophies offer a fresh way of thinking, whilst being steeped in many years of traditional history.

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