Kinesiology Treatment

Kinesiology links traditional Chinese ideas of meridian energy; as found in acupuncture, with Western muscle testing, diet and stress management. Identifying and treating imbalances, especially related to diet can promote a feeling of wellbeing and nutritional and lifestyle advice, specifically focused on each individual, benefits general health.

Kinesiology treatment is useful for those who have current health issues, and also for those who wish to have an ‘MOT’ to help them gain greater wellbeing and energy.

This approach to healthcare is particularly good for those with digestive issues, feeling tired, those under stress, and those who may be run down.

Each client receives a personal healthcare plan, and each treatment is tailored to the individual needs – as the muscle testing identifies the areas which are priority for treatment for each individual.

Kinesiology treatments consist of balancing in the emotional, structural, nutritional and electrical realms – and is therefore truly holistic.



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