Nutritional Therapy

It is very easy to miss some of the important nutrients in our diet, particularly when we are stressed, rushing or skipping meals. Even those who take time to prepare fresh meals can be deficient in specific vitamins, minerals and trace elements as food may have been transported or stored incorrectly. This can make the difference between feeling well with plenty of energy to feeling under par, or even unwell with a chronic disorder.

Nutritional Therapy addresses diet and lifestyle to identify simple ways to help you feel good. What we eat can play an important part in arthritis, allergies, digestive and bowel disorders-eg IBS, hormonal imbalances- eg PMS or the menopause, fatigue, depression or stress, auto-immune conditions, migraine and skin disorders – as well as the more obvious weight control.

Increasingly, parents with a child with weight or learning and behavioural difficulties may seek to support their child through diet. Dietary support is non-invasive and as well as forming good building blocks, also encourages healthy habits for life.

Natalie is our Nutritional Therapist and she has a balanced, non-judgemental approach to what we eat. She is especially well qualified to give informed advice as she has a degree in Food Science and worked in the food industry before re-training and gaining her diploma in Nutritional Therapy. As well as her experience at work, she understands the challenges we face when feeding children and the time pressures many people are under.

In essence, Natalie works with people to improve their diets and lifestyle to prevent or overcome illness. Nutritional Therapy complements many other therapies as well as conventional medicine.”



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