Osteopathy FAQs

Osteopathy is a manual treatment used to help alleviate pain by using gentle stretching and mobilising techniques as well as manipulating joints. Osteopaths work towards creating a balanced body which can move more freely which in turn reduces strain. Optimal recovery is promoted by home exercises which also help prevent injuries reoccurring.

Is osteopathy a recognised profession?

Osteopaths are regulated by the 1993 Osteopathy Act. Just as doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and health visitors and chiropractors have their regulatory bodies, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) holds a statutory register of osteopaths which protects the public. To register, osteopaths need to demonstrate that they have completed a recognised 4 or 5 year course and proven through stringent examinations that they are competent to practice safely. Osteopaths also need to comply with the GOsC Code of Conduct, have current approved medical malpractice insurance and demonstrate that they are keep up-to-date with Continued Professional Development. Anyone visiting an osteopath has the same safeguard as when they consult a doctor or dentist.

What conditions can osteopathy help with?

People generally associate osteopathy with back pain but neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle pains are all treated effectively as well as headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. This is not an exhaustive list but please call us to discuss your individual problem on 01332 553332.

Why should I go to see an osteopath?

If you would like a diagnosis for your pain with subsequent pain relief and self-help advice so you can manage your condition at home; you should see an osteopath. Your treatment addresses both muscles and joints as well as other soft tissue structures and the sooner you seek help, the cheaper and easier it is to return to good health. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of factors which may contribute or cause your pain, so that you can help prevent reoccurrence.



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