Is there a difference

What is the difference between

Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy?

All are degree courses in manual medicine and practitioners are registered with their professional bodies, providing protection to the public.

They all use hands-on techniques to mobilise joints and stretch and relax muscles to enable your body to function optimally. Osteopaths and chiropractors have joined forces in one training institute, recognising their similarities.

Where they differ is that Osteopathy and Chiropractic tend to be more holistic, treating the surrounding areas, sometime even remote parts of the body which may be contributing to the problem area. Chiropractors tend to manipulate (crack) the joints more and treatment times tend to be shorter. Osteopaths may also choose to manipulate the joint but will also work on soft tissue which takes longer. Physiotherapists mobilise joints by moving them (as do osteopaths and some chiropractors) and don’t normally manipulate joints and they focus on rehabilitating muscles. Physio’s are also trained to work in most areas of a hospital including ITU but those who specialise in MSK (muscles and joints) in the private sector are very good at having a research-based, structured exercise regime to support the treatment.

At About Backs & Bones Osteopathy and Physiotherapy are treatments for painful muscles, joints and ligaments which usually have become strained, often through injury or problems with posture. Sometimes there may be an underlying structural issue which makes this more likely, or a disease process which causes pain. Whatever the reason, we assess you carefully to determine whether we can help alleviate symptoms.

Are there any side-effects and how safe is it?

Most people feel more flexible, free, looser and relaxed following treatment and may have instant relief of pain. Sometimes a mild aggravation is experienced and for 24-48 hours you may feel a little more discomfort. This is normal with any musculoskeletal treatment eg massage or exercise. Ensuring you have had enough to eat and drink before your appointment and the use of ICE when recommended minimises any side effects . Compared with the, sometimes quite serious side effects from some medications, these minor inconveniences are not usually considered a problem.

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