Pregnancy, Babies and Children

We are a unique clinic as our maternity team comprises of a osteopath who was a trained nurse and midwife; an acupuncturist who specialises in maternity and a maternity reflexologist who, together with the medical profession use their expertise to care for the mother-to-be, newly-delivered mother and for newborns to help you feel better at a time when there is so much change in your body.

For you

In pregnancy we aim to balance the pelvis and create as much space as possible for baby and to help you feel more comfortable. The joints of the lower back and pelvis need to be able to move to accommodate the changes in your body in pregnancy and during the birth, so preparing beforehand with some treatment makes sense. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to injury, thanks to those pregnancy hormones, especially in your back, pelvis, leg hips or groin. At a time when painkillers need to be kept to a minimum, you may benefit significantly from osteopathy.

Back pain after delivery is common and is usually easily treated and can prevent a lifetime of ongoing discomfort, so seek care earlier rather than suffering, when it can be resolved more easily.

For your baby

Being born seems like a traumatic journey and the effect on a baby’s soft skull and skeleton is not fully understood. However, particularly after a long labour, a forceps or ventiuse delivery or a very quick birth and even after a caesarean section, babies can sometimes seem fractious and irritable, which can have an effect on your early experiences with your baby.

This is where we aim to help: The evidence for effective treatment for babies with osteopathy or cranio-sacral therapy is inconclusive and we can only describe how babies react to our treatment. Generally they appear more settled and calm and usually parents report that this continues at home. We provide 2/3 treatments, monitoring any changes and will only continue treatment if we all agree that your baby seems to be benefitting.

For children

Most knocks and bumps in childhood are not a problem but sometimes there are anxieties with the way children walk or with limps, even if they are not painful, but may be indicative of more serious underlying problems. The children we treat usually experience pain due to sports activities where their enthusiasm gets them into trouble! These are often simple to treat and can help avoid a series of injuries. Just call us to discuss your needs.