Sport Massage

There are many misconceptions about massage and to ensure your satisfaction, it is a good idea to clarifiy what you are hoping to achieve.

Sports Massage is a deep massage designed to release tight muscles, ‘iron-out’ knots in muscles and enhance sports performance by optimising muscle function. It is NOT a relaxing massage, rather more a therapeutic remedial massage and it is very effective in increasing blood flow and promoting healing.

It is not limited to sports people or those who play the occasional round of golf but want to avoid injury – anyone can benefit from a deep massage to feel freer and help correct postural habits. Be prepared to feel a little tender the next day – as if you had worked out.

Ewa is our Sports Massage Therapist and is specialised in providing an effective sports massage and she also teaches massage in Derby so maintains high standards throughout.

To book a consultation for Sport Massage please call us on: 01332 553 332 or contact us here