Sports Massage

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Sports Massage

There are many misconceptions about massage and to ensure your satisfaction, it is a good idea to clarify what you are hoping to achieve.

Sports Massage is a deep massage designed to release tight muscles, ‘iron-out’ knots in muscles and enhance sports performance by optimising muscle function. It is NOT a relaxing massage, rather more a therapeutic remedial massage and it is very effective in increasing blood flow and promoting healing.

It can be quite uncomfortable if the muscles are tight and you need to clearly communicate the pressure you need to your therapist: everyone feels things differently- and your therapist appreciates this and can adapt accordingly.

It is not limited to sports people or those who play the occasional round of golf but want to avoid injury – anyone can benefit from a deep massage to feel freer and help correct postural habits. It is particularly useful for those working at a computer or doing a lot of driving and the exercises we set inbetween sessions will help you feel a lot more comfortable, potentially avoiding some of the more serious ligament or disc problems which cause serious incapacity.

Be prepared to feel a little tender the next day – as if you had worked out.

Holistic Massage: Sometimes sports massage is a little more than what someone needs and a less intensive therapeutic massage may be the answer. It is also very useful for those who need to relax in order to minimise the muscular discomforts they are experiencing… again many are posture-related but many are stress-related.

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