Below are a number of testimonials form recent clients

"I referred my niece to see Paula after she was born because she was struggling to feed. my sister was thrilled with her improvement as her feeding issues were resolved. Seven years later I visited Paula with my own daughter for a general check and once over. Little did I know that she had a mild issue with her eye socket, one treatment later, and she was loads better. I have recommended Paula to another friend who’s daughter had feeding issues and once again Paula helped immensely. Paula is my go to baby treatment guru. I couldn’t recommend her enough, even if you think all is okay it’s worth getting these little humans checked just to make sure."

Chloe Evans (Nottingham)

“About Backs & Bones is not just osteopathy treatment:

It is; being freed, realigned, lifted, treated holistically, with detailed assessment and MOTs, meticulous records (so you don’t have to go through it all again and again!), maintenance, cross referral, guided with ‘homework’ exercises to reduce costs.

You deserve such treatment—I recommend you try.

I struggled in and walked out straight – need I say more?”

Angela Salisbury, Ilkeston

“My doctor told me to take Ibuprofen to relieve inflamed muscles and I have been putting up with pain and discomfort for months. Three visits to the wonderful Chloe who diagnosed the actual problem as a dislodged pelvis – and  my body is now free and liberated and realigned!  All the discomfort has gone and I am back in the saddle. Many thanks to About Backs and Bones.”

Ann Fravolini

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