Osteopathy is a treatment for painful muscles, joints and ligaments which usually have become strained, often through injury or problems with posture. Sometimes there may be an underlying structural issue which makes this more likely, or a disease process which causes pain. Whatever the reason, as osteopaths we assess you carefully to determine whether we can help alleviate symptoms.

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Physiotherapy is recognised as being another excellent treatment for low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and, like osteopathy, treatment of any joint or muscle pain in the body. Typically physiotherapists are very good at rehabilitaion of muscle, tendon and ligament strains from sports injuries and accidents and minimising the degeneration caused by osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Electrotherapy includes both ultrasound and interferential treatment. Each have their benefits and are useful adjuncts to osteopathy. At About Backs & Bones we do not use electrotherapy alone –instead we find it most effective when used within an osteopathic treatment (at no extra charge).

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Sports Massage

There are many misconceptions about massage and to ensure your satisfaction, it is a good idea to clarifiy what you are hoping to achieve.

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Complementary Therapies

About Backs & Bones has long realised the benefits of many complementary therapies and has referred people for alternative treatment if that is more appropriate for them. Similarly, a shared treatment plan which may utilise more than one therapy, is sometimes offered. We are now pleased to have our own approved, qualified practitioners under the same roof, making it easy for you to choose treatments which suit you best. Your details are taken at your first appointment, then each practitioner just needs to ask details specific to their specialty, saving you the time and hassle of replicating information and giving you the convenience of coming just to one familiar, accessible location.

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Acupuncture has been used for over 2000 years to treat a wide range of conditions. Traditional acupuncture looks to balance ‘Qi’- the energy in the body which, when disrupted through factors such as stress, poor nutrition and the environment is thought to cause ill health including pain. Our traditional acupuncturists; Helen and Paul are trained to degree level to take a holistic approach to health recognising the mind/body interaction and its effect on our wellbeing.

In contrast, the ‘dry needling acupuncture’ practiced by Paula and Nao aims to relieve muscular tension and relieve pain and does not aspire to treat any other conditions.



Kinesiology links traditional Chinese ideas of meridian energy; as found in acupuncture, with Western muscle testing, diet and stress management. Identifying and treating imbalances, especially related to diet can promote a feeling of wellbeing and nutritional and lifestyle advice, specifically focused on each individual, benefits general health.

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Many of us benefit from some increased self- awareness at times in our life which helps us view situations from other perspectives. Counselling is a great way to achieve this and Paul is not just a friendly, approachable person, but he is a good listener, qualified to help you to develop skills to help yourself. For an appointment, call him direct on 07816749312 and you will be glad you made this first move.

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Feet get very little attention and are generally taken for granted until they cause us pain or embarrassment but we owe a lot to our feet as they can cause or contribute to ankle, knee, hip and back pain. It is so easy to have affordable first aid or MOT treatment for your feet to prevent or manage foot pain and limit other problems which will ultimately cost more to treat.

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Nutritional Therapy

It is very easy to miss some of the important nutrients in our diet, particularly when we are stressed, rushing or skipping meals. Even those who take time to prepare fresh meals can be deficient in specific vitamins, minerals and trace elements as food may have been transported or stored incorrectly. This can make the difference between feeling well with plenty of energy to feeling under par, or even unwell with a chronic disorder.

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