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Trusted Partners

When we have done our job, we acknowledge that sometimes you need follow-up in the form of specific exercise to enhance the personal exercises we have given you. The Trusted Partners listed are all qualified in their respective fields and have been chosen because they represent the same ethical values and high standards which About Backs & Bones strives for.

If you feel you would benefit from one of the following therapies, either let us know when you are next in the clinic, or call the therapist direct.

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Attitudes toward mental health struggles are changing at last… Eventually it may be universally acknowledged that you are indeed a strong person to recognise and seek to improve your life though some sometimes challenging work. However, we do appreciate that there are people who struggle with embarrassment at seeing a counsellor: so to help maintain confidentiality, rather than say which practitioner you are here to see, please feel welcome to write down the name of your counsellor and hand it to our receptionist, who is bound by the same codes of confidentiality as all our practitioners are. This is in response to some feedback we have received and only applies to those who want to maintain total anonymity

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