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Your first visit

We look forward to seeing you in our welcoming clinic!

For details of our location and accessibility, please see under FAQs

If you are attending for Physiotherapy or Osteopathy, we will send you a confirmation email which has a Health Questionnaire and GDPR attached. Please just click on the link and complete, then these will be uploaded onto your electronic notes, enabling us to see existing health conditions and enabling more time for treatment.

In your appointment you will be asked details of your pain and will be observes in a physical assessment where we may ask you to undress (you may bring a chaperone if you wish), After a hand-on examination and possibly orthopaedic tests, a working diagnosis is made and a treatment plan discussed with you.

Treatment starts within the same session with your consent, using a range of techniques with the aim of increasing your range of pain-free movement. Most osteopathy is surprisingly painless and we always work within your comfort zone for any bits which aren’t!

Exercises are normally prescribed which greatly shortens the amount of treatment you will need and helps prevent recurrence. As your pain decreases, your treatments are spaced out until you are pain-free or managing well at home.

Sometimes your pain is due to another disease process or medical condition and osteopathy may not be the first choice of treatment. We are trained to recognise this and can refer you to more appropriate treatment with your approval.

Sometimes, it is necessary to gain more information from your GP or refer you for scans or x-rays before treatment. Occasionally it is apparent that manual treatment is not the best option for you and a recommendation will be made for an alternative treatment.

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