Your First Visit

For Physiotherapy or Osteopathy, where you may bring a chaperone if you wish, you will be asked details of your pain and general health. It is helpful to write down any operations, medical investigations or accidents down in order of occurrence or complete our consultation form beforehand.

first-visitSometimes, it is necessary to gain more information from your GP or refer you for scans or x-rays before treatment. Occasionally it is apparent that manual treatment is not the best option for you and a recommendation will be made for an alternative treatment.

Blood pressure, reflexes and other tests are often performed and you will be asked, in most cases, to undress  – although if you prefer not to, you can come in thin clothing or use our gowns. Movement and orthopaedic tests demonstrate any restrictions which may be relevant.


Next, we tell you our diagnosis and how much treatment you are likely to need.

This takes at least 30 minutes. If appropriate, and time permitting, the remainder of the session is spent treating you with a range of hands-on techniques to decrease your pain through mobilization, manipulation and massage. Some of this may be uncomfortable but we can often use another technique if necessary.

Lastly, specific exercises are given which will enhance your treatment, reduce the number of visits and limit any reoccurrence.

You can download our consent form and heath questionnaire below.

Consent form >>

Medical History Questionnaire >>