Your Pain

We treat any pain associated with muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, bones…and a lot more besides!

The source of your pain is diagnosed using a variety of orthopaedic medical tests and osteopathic screening which identifies the structure affected.

This enables effective treatment using a range of techniques with the aim of increasing your range of pain-free movement. Most osteopathy is surprisingly painless and we always work within your comfort zone for any bits which aren’t! As your pain decreases, your treatments are spaced out until you are pain-free or managing well at home.

Sometimes your pain is due to another disease process or medical condition and osteopathy may not be the first choice of treatment. We are trained to recognise this and can refer you to more appropriate treatment with your approval.

You don’t have to be in pain to benefit from osteopathy! Come and see us if you are a sports person, or have a sedentary job, or are passionate about a hobby which puts strain upon your body or simply you’re generally stiff and need loosening up! Many of our patients fall into these categories and visit us regularly with the aim of staying well. They have often benefitted from osteopathy previously and want to maintain their fitness and balance in their body to continue their lives injury-free – osteopathy helps achieve this.